9b Defiant Close, Hawkinge, CT18 7SU

What we can do


Ophthalmology Referrals and Second Opinions

Bonnie Jaques is an Advanced Practitioner in Ophthalmology.  This means she has taken examinations and training beyond the experience of most veterinary surgeons in general practice.  


We know that good dental treatment is now a priority with many of our owners and we have the usual high spec dental machine that owners now expect from a veterinary surgery.  Your pet will leave us with pearly white teeth and sweet smelling breath.


A very powerful X ray machine and a digital processor help us obtain great
X rays for the tiniest mouse or the largest dog.


We are able to perform routine scans for pregnancy or more complicated ultrasound investigations for the liver, bladder, kidneys etc  

Surgery and medicine

We do our best to ensure you don’t have to travel to a referral centre for most surgery or medical cases.  Sometimes however we do have to refer to a specialist who might be many miles away.  This is because we do get uncommon surgery that requires expensive equipment and an expert’s experience or the condition requires intensive care and extensive investigations beyond our ability.


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